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Tax Planning & Advisory

Tax Planning & Advisory.

Tax Advisory

Taxation is an essential aspect of doing business in India and its importance cannot be undermined. The Indian government has gradually reduced tax rates. The emphasis is now shifting towards enforcing compliance and expanding the tax base with e-governance and digitisation gaining importance. Taxation is also used as a tool to promote investments in identified industry sectors, thereby spurring overall economic growth. As such, understanding the impact of developments in tax and regulatory aspects and strategically using them to the benefit of business activities is becoming increasingly important.

Our Services

We can help you develop tax-efficient strategies and manage your tax exposures considering your individual business needs. We will keep you abreast of new developments in the taxation arena that affect your business. Our services include the following:

·         Choice of an appropriate form of entity to set up Indian business activities

·         Optimum use of tax incentives in proposed business activities

·      Structuring the entire business transaction, including preparation of structured tax approach tailored to meet business objectives

·         Tax modelling, which would involve validation of tax assumptions built into financial and business models

·         On-line tax advisory and planning for positions to be adopted in the tax return

·         Transaction advisory including planning for saving capital gain taxation, taxation on investment income etc.

·         An approach that seeks legitimate reduction in taxes.

Investment Structuring

·       Profitability, to a very great extent, depends on the ability of the investment structure to control the revenue flows in a cost efficient manner and at the same time increase returns in a tax efficient manner.

·     Essentially, this would depend on the interplay of several variables such as the jurisdiction of the investing entities, Indian tax treaty network, foreign tax credits, protection available to investments, etc.  

·      We assist clients in identifying the tax issues, both domestic and international, impacting the investment structure and ongoing investment transactions. 

·         We also advise on the ownership structure and the legal structure eligible to avail the tax treaty benefits.

Transaction Advisory services

·         Every transaction has tax implications, whether it's an acquisition, disposal, refinancing or restructuring. Understanding and planning for these implications can mitigate transaction risk, enhance opportunity and provide crucial negotiation insights.

·         Our Transaction Tax services comprise a network of professional advisors who can help you do just that. By combining diverse cross-border transaction experience with local tax knowledge across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, we can help you make informed decisions and navigate the tax implications of your transaction.